Welcome to Georgs homepage!

I'm Georg Carlsson from Sweden, a crop scientist interested in the use of N2-fixing legume-rhizobia symbioses in agriculture. I have so far devoted my research efforts to measurements of N2 fixation in field-grown perennial and annual forage legumes, effects of plant diversity on soil N dynamics and N2 fixation in legumes, diversity and efficiency of clover-nodulating rhizobia, N transfer between legumes and non-legumes in the field, tolerance to P deficiency for N2 fixation in legumes, and effects of plant roots on physico-chemical and biological properties in the rhizosphere.

Since 1 October 2010, I work as assistant professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Faculty of Landscape Planning, Horticulture and Agricultural Sciences, Department of Agrosystems, in Alnarp (southern Sweden). My research aims at exploring the role of biodiversity in reducing variations in yield and N2 fixation in legume cropping systems.


Between September 2008 and September 2010 I worked as a postdoc at the mixed research unit Eco&Sols, Montpellier, France. The scope of my postdoc project was to investigate the genetic variation in phosphorous use efficiency for N2 fixation in the model legume Medicago truncatula. I continue close collaboration with colleagues at Eco&Sols, as well as with my former employer, the Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden, SLU in Umeň (northern Sweden), where I finished my PhD thesis in 2005 and continued to work as a researcher until 2008.